Market Mall Gifts That Are Great for Father’s Day

If you plan on going to the mall this weekend, you should get something for dad. We all tend to forget to get dad something when we go to the mall. We are so consumed with our lives that we forget the people that help us get there. Dad was one of those people rather you like it or not. The gift, doesn’t have to be a trump coffee mug or some highly priced good. It can be something very cheap and inexpensive. Dads, don’t want you to buy things you really can not afford. Its alright, you can be cheap this time around. Just make sure to get dad something he actually like. Here are a few ways to do that.

The Simple Coffee Mug

Coffee mugs are always a good gift to get a dad. Dads get up each day and sip the hot stuff. They always need a new coffee mug because they are too buy with life. Get your dad a nice trump coffee mug or regular coffee mug to start the day. Your dad won’t hate the gift because all dads love coffee. I never met a dad that didn’t love coffee. Its not like a dad. The coffee mug can be simple or have sayings on the side. You can go with either option. I would personally get my dad a simple coffee mug because my dad is picky with words, but you can get your dad whatever coffee mug you feel your dad should have. If you dad doesn’t like the gift, you can keep it for yourself.

Simple coffee mugs are for business dads. If your dad is always working and care more about his job then anything else, then you should get your dad a simple coffee mug. Get him a simple color that is blue, brown, or black. Something that won’t have him scratching his head when his friends ask him about it.

A Durable Belt

All dads need a good belt to hold their pants up. Get your dad a good belt to hold the pants up. Your dad stretches the pants out over some years. He needs something to make his pants stay where they need to stay all day. Help your dad look professional at all times with a belt. Make sure the belt is durable also. Get them a belt that is made out of tough leather. The cowboy belts seem to be best. Do not get your dad a skinny belt. They need a thick leather belt to last them years. The color needs to be black, dark blue, tan, medium blue, or brown. Otherwise, your dad will get upset for getting them a stupid belt.

Get Him Some Simple Sunglasses

All men love to walk outside and catch some rays. Your dad is the same way. You will often see him walking on the bridge or walking in downtown for the 4th time this week. Dads got to walk on the street to release the stress of every day life. Help them make the process easier by getting them a pair of sun glasses. You should get them brown, black, blue, or dark orange sun glasses. Give dad the tools he need to do the walking in a way that look cool and protects him from eye cancer. Help your dad and your dad will give you something in return. What? Well, that is up to your dad.